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Name Coca-Cola Company, The

Associated Records

Image of Delta Beverage Service - ca. 1958

Delta Beverage Service - ca. 1958

Delta Beverage Service selection card. Highballs $1.00: Scotch, Bourbon (limit 2 servings) Cocktails $1.00: Martini and Manhattan. (limit 2 servings) Complimentary beverages: Soda, Water, Ginger Ale, Coca-Cola. Discoloration on one side of the menu from newspaper that was stored with it.

Image of Electrifying Asia. - 1998

Electrifying Asia. - 1998

This KLM/Northwest Airlines travel poster features a photograph of Oska's Dotonbori District skycrapers, neon lights, canal and bridges at night. Text: " Electrifying Asia. / Serving your favorite trans-Pacific destinations. Dotonbori District, Oska, Japan / [Poster number] N1585. Poster is mounted to foamcore.

Image of 2002 Olympic Torch Relay Torch - 2001-2002

2002 Olympic Torch Relay Torch - 2001-2002

2002 Olympic Torch Relay Torch with display holder. Torch is modeled after an icicle, with a slight curve to represent speed and fluidity. Top section is glass with geometic copper structure that helped hold the flame. Center of handle is matte silver metal. Bottom of handle is polished silver metal with words "light the fire." The aluminum torch display holder has relay race logo and 2002 Olympic Winter Games logo and text: "Delta Air Lines / Official Charter Flight Provider / 2002 Olympic Torch Relay / Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Torch Relay sponsored by Coca-Cola and Chevrolet"

Image of Delta Coca-Cola Cooler - 1941

Delta Coca-Cola Cooler - 1941

Stainless steel rectangle-shaped insulated case with hinged lid and leather handle. Embossed "DELTA AIR LINES" on lid and "DRINK Coca-Cola" on sides. Lid fastens with two stainless steel latches.

Image of Coca-Cola Bottle - ca. early 1940s

Coca-Cola Bottle - ca. early 1940s

Unopened glass bottle with Coca-Cola soft drink inside. Metal bottle cap.

Image of 1996 Olympic Games Volunteer Uniform - 07/1996

1996 Olympic Games Volunteer Uniform - 07/1996

Uniform pieces include: A. Button-down white short-sleeve blouse with thin green stripes and 1996 Olympic Games logo on lapel pocket B. Kakhi pleated-front shorts C. Straw hat with wide white fabric band embroidered in navy blue/red: DELTA FLIGHT DREAMS 96 D. Navy blue cotton web belt with brass buckle E. Volunteer identification card/MARTA public transit card/Telephone card on chain to wear around neck. Coca-Cola branding. F-G. Pair of white Reebok Olympic Games-branded sneakers H. Delta 1996 Olympic Games volunteer lapel pin I. Delta Official Airline of the 1996 Olympic Games lapel pin J-K. Pair of white cotton socks

Image of [Delta and Coca-Cola] - 2007

[Delta and Coca-Cola] - 2007

Mixed media painting by artist Steve Penley, representing the relationship between Delta Air Lines and The Coca-Cola Company with depictions of early Coke service on Delta flights in 1940, Delta aircraft and both companies' branding.

Image of Delta Fantastic Flyer Fun Feast - ca. 1992

Delta Fantastic Flyer Fun Feast - ca. 1992

A. White plastic clamshell carrier for Delta child passenger meal and activity items. Lid is printed with red and yellow letters: "FANTASTIC FLYER FUN FEAST," image of "Dusty The Delta Air Lion," and slogan "DELTA The Official Airline for Kids." In background is a crossed white plastic fork and knife on a red-and-white checked square. B. Packet of white plastic fork, spoon, knife and paper napkin in a plastic sleeve printed with illustration of Dusty Lion in a rocket ship and slogan "DELTA The Official Airline for Kids." C. Small inflatable football with slogan "DELTA AIR LINES The Official Airline of the NFL" D. Pack of NFL Gameday The 1992 Edition 12 Collector Cards E. Small round purpl