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Name Miami, Fl.

Associated Records

Image of Delta DC-8 Royal Jet Service is for Everybody - 10/1959

Delta DC-8 Royal Jet Service is for Everybody - 10/1959

Full-color magazine advertisement. Title/Subtitle: "Delta DC-8 Royal Jet Service is for Everybody / Deluxe First Class and Thrifty Supercoach." Text: "Passengers on Delta's initial DC-8 Royal Jet Service flights between Atlanta and New York will be quick to recognize that a new standard of luxury and comfort have been established in this swift moving Jet Age. World's newest, largest true jetliner, the DC-8 is years ahead in design and decor. Quiet, vibration-free cabins of new beauty and spaciousness feature the accomodations for both first class and supercoach passengers. Cruising at nearly 600 mph, these luxurious jetliners provide a host of new conveniencesand sustantially more individ

Image of Miami is Calling - 1954

Miami is Calling - 1954

Full-color illustrated magazine advertisement. Text: "MIAMI is calling...It's not hard to hear Miami's call these chilly days, even a thousand or more miles away. But that's not surprising because Miami is remarkably - and comfortably - close to all the Midwest and the South on fast-moving Delta-C&S. Call one of the local phone numbers shown on the map - or any Delta-C&S office. Miami is closer than you think! Island hopping in the modern Caribbean makes a delightful tropic vacation, now that Delta-C&S has twice-daily service from New Orleans. Ask at any Delta office for maps and guide book."

Image of Delta Florida Travel Poster - 02/1957

Delta Florida Travel Poster - 02/1957

Digital image, TIFF file format, of an illustrated Delta poster. Yellow FLORIDA across top of poster. Small Douglas DC-7 in flight. Oversized head of man facing left with green goggles pushed up on his head. Fishing spear with five fish. Destination names on fish (top to bottom): "MIAMI / TAMPA, ST. PETERSBURG, CLEARWATER / ORLANDO / WEST PALM BEACH / JACKSONVILLE." On right edge of poster is a black vertical "DELTA AIR LINES."

Image of Delta to Miami . . . Trunk Line to Sunshine - 1958

Delta to Miami . . . Trunk Line to Sunshine - 1958

Full color magazine advertisement. Text: "While your DC-7 doesn't really taxi up to your hotel's poolside, there is no faster, no finer way to sunny Miami than these giant Golden Crown DC-7's nonstop from such cities as Chicago, Cincinnati and Atlanta. Delta also provides DC-7 through service from the Midwest to the Caribbean and South America, via New Orleans. For unsurpassed speed, unforgettable hospitality, fly Delta Golden Crown DC-7's and DC-7B's to Miami and the Caribbean. Serving 60 cities in the U.S.A. and Caribbean."

Image of Fly Delta-C&S to Havana Coaster - ca. 1953-1955

Fly Delta-C&S to Havana Coaster - ca. 1953-1955

White paper coaster with white vinyl backing. Scalloped edges. Red and white border. Red illustration of a Delta aircraft in flight. Red text: "Fly Delta-C&S to Havana / Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, Chicago"

Image of Miami Beach - 1975

Miami Beach - 1975

Framed Impressionistic style oil painting of sailboats on the water with buildings in background. On back of canvas in handwriting is the name of the painting and a copyright statement: "Copyright and reproduction rights assigned by artist to Delta Air Lines, Inc., 1975."

Image of C.E. Woolman's Football from Orange Bowl Committee - 1966

C.E. Woolman's Football from Orange Bowl Committee - 1966

Tan colored leather football with tan laces. Engraved on one side of football: "ORANGE BOWL / COMMITTEE SALUTES / AMERICA'S BUSINESS / LEADERS / JUNE 6, 1966 / MIAMI, FLA."

Image of Delta DC-4 Route Map Sign - 1946

Delta DC-4 Route Map Sign - 1946

Delta route map cut into the shape of a Douglas DC-4 airplane. Painted red lines trace Delta's route system. Delta's Atlanta operations hub is indicated with a large red/white circle. White stars mark cities served by Delta, except Jacksonville, Florida, which has a larger white star with a black dot in its center.