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Title Dr. Mica Janus' Rocking Chair
Collection Delta Air Lines Airport, Office & TechOps Items
Object Name Chair, Rocking
Catalog Number 2016.148.1
Description Oak rocking chair attributed to Dr. Mica Janus. Dr. Mica Janus and his father Dr. Sidney Janus, were psychologists employed by Delta to interview new hire employees. The rocking chair was perceived by prospective employees as a test.
Provenance Rocking chair familiar to many Delta pilot applicants who were interviewed by psychologist Dr. Mica Janus in Atlanta, Georgia. The chair was a hallmark in Dr. Janus' office for decades. Dr. Janus would seat pilot applicants in the rocking chair for the interview. Pilots believed it was used in Delta pilot applicant psychology testing. The Museum also has the rocking chair from the office of Dr. Sidney Janus (Object ID 1995.213.1).

In a letter accompanying the rocking chair, Capt. John Malone, Chairman, Delta Master Executive Council, Delta Air Lines Pilots Association wrote, "Countless thousands of pilot applicants' were faced with some difficult choices - do I sit on the rocking chair or on the couch? If I sit in the rocking chair - do I rock or sit stationary? Whether the rocking chair had any actual bearing on a pilot being hired or not, it remained a part of of Delta lore and a topic of discussion among just about every airline pilot applicant throughout the industry."

Pilot stories about the chair are also described in a blog post from Psychology Today, May 11, 2015:
"When entering Dr. Janus' office, pilots were offered a seat in a rocking chair. Prospective pilots networked about the rocking chair. It was universally assumed that the rocking chair was a test. Did they rock continuously, which might indicate anxiety? Did successful applicants rock intermittently, perhaps indicating flexibility? If they rocked in response to a question, did that mean the question hit a nerve?

This networking went on for years. Finally, when someone asked “What’s the deal with this rocking chair?” Dr. Janus is said to have told him the rocking chair was there because his wife disliked it and didn’t want it in the house, but thought it would look nice in his office. Hundreds - if not thousands - of pilots obsessed about Dr. Janus' rocking chair."
Search Terms Delta Air Lines
Delta Flight Operations
Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)
Subjects Rocking chairs
Airline pilots
Job interviewing
Doctors' offices
Credit line Gift of John Malone for Delta Air Line Pilots Association
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